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Here at The Start Entrepreneur, our mission is to help new entrepreneurs like you realize their passions and take the necessary action to turn their passion to profit. By sharing relevant information, it is our aim to see that budding entrepreneurs are well looked after.

We emphasize the importance of mentorship because we understand the role that it plays in creating a complete entrepreneur. Without support, even the most promising entrepreneur can never fully realize their dream. But we are here for you, to guide you every step of the way and to provide you with relevant knowledge and tools.

Whenever we can, we always provide you with the most useful and resourceful information and data, that gives you a clear picture of what is happening around. As you learn, we also gain from it. So it is a gain-gain situation.

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About Andrew,


Hello, I am Andrew Mwaniki, the founder of The Start Entrepreneur.Com.

The most inspiring discovery that I made about myself is that I am an entrepreneur, and anyone can be. But it is not always easy to find support when you need it the most. For this reason, I founded The Start Entrepreneur to help new entrepreneurs share information and insights that can help them turn their ideas into subsrtantial results.

And here we are, in a journey that will lead to a beautiful destination of achievement.

I am always eager to learn and participate in new things. Am looking  forward to learn from you.

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